To enable inclusive growth, it is time to not only build but customize our existing infrastructure. The growth trajectory for creating a connected ecosystem is also dependent on effective collaboration between two key sectors – Power and Telecommunications. While India’s power sector has the potential to be transformed from ‘woes to wonder’, the telecom sector continues to struggle under tough and demanding regulatory environment.

Showing an indomitable resilience, the Indian Telecom Sector has been steadily adopting the best of technologies and unique business practices! While ‘shared passive infra’ has been an exemplary model, ‘solarisation of telecom towers’ could be the game- changer for service providers in power deficient areas. Deployment of green and clean alternative energy can also unleash demand for the renewable energy sector, create employment opportunities, reduce our carbon footprints and lead to rural electrification!

Industry Overview

  • Over 400 million people yet to get electricity in India
  • With 35% being spent on diesel generators, telco tower OPex can be scaled down considerably by using renewable energy technologies
  • Service providers aim at carbon emission reduction targets of 5% by 2012-13, 8% by 2014-15, 12% by 2016-17& 17% by 2018-19
  • The Centre expects $ 100 billion investment in renewable in the next 4 years
  • Construction to begin this year on a $8 billion project to upgrade the grid